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Antalya travel guide - Antalya Turkey

Tags:  Antalya | Turkish Riviera | Alanya | Kemer


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Thanks to the archaeological and the whole natural of the county, Antalya well known as the Turkish Riviera. A magnificent combination of the sea sun, beautiful nature, clean beaches, and glory history, all of  that together create one of the most popular resort in Turkey. In Antalya region, you can find ancient harbors and cities, historical tombs, ancient coves and evergreen forests, that for many of them there is an easy approach ways from the town.

Along the coastline of Antalya you can find a magnificent and versatile plant life, and many kinds of tropical plants, many types and different species of cactus, evergreen oaks forests and pine trees, and many more.

The province of Antalya extant under its jurisdiction of the following regions : Alanya, Akseki, Elmali, Finike, Gazipasa, Gundogmus, Ibradi, Kale, Kas,
Kemer, Korkutali, Kumluca, as well as Manavgat and Serik.

Antalya Tourism

The Antalya regional tourism, started in 1960s'. Its development started slowly, but gained speed, when the casinos where open in mid 1980s'. Until then, most of the tourist where locals, who came to town due to its good weather. Since then, Antalya under went a rapped development, when many new holiday villages opened, and new hotel where build at a very fast speed. This in turn, increased Antalya's population drastically, in few years. Even after the casinos where shutdown, tourists from all over the world kept coming to Antalya, thanks to its many historical sites and its beauty and nature.

Antalya whether
Antalya's four seasons are just a rumors, so much that, it is only a calendar decoration. In 1985 when it snowed after 60 years, it was front page news.
The summers are usually hot and rainless, whilst the other months are warm and often rainy. The annual temperature average is around 18.7 C. On average it only rain for 55.5 days a year. It is very rare for the temperature to drop below zero. During the last 40 years the highest recorded temperature was 44.6 C. In Antalya the average humidity rate is 64%, whereas the seat temperatures are 17.6 C in January, 18.0 C in April, 27.7 C in August and 24.5 C in September.

Antalya Economy
The Antalya province, is one of the most vibrant and important cities in Turkey

With the construction of the modern Turkish republic, after world war I, the city's population was 15,000 strong. In 2003, it was around 1.8 million strong.
Antalya has one of the fastest population growth in Turkey.

There is an increase in immigration to the Antalya region from other cities in Turkey. Tourism and the agriculture fields are in fact the economic steam engine of the Antalya county.

An 1996 statistics show that, it standing in 7 place, this in fact put Antalya at the most expansion and development growth city in Turkey.
The per person income in Antalya, is around 13% above the Turkey national  internal average.


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Turkish community - discuss other travels about Turkey




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