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Marmaris Shopping Marmaris bazaar

Tags: Turkish carpets | Turkish coffee | Turkey Leather | Turgut


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Marmaris shopping

Marmaris is a great place for shopping. Here you can find wide range of products from modern shopping center and mall, to varied colorful bazaars, as well as local authentic markets.

By the tourism season most of the stores in Marmaris and Icmeler, are open until midnight, and some of them even more.

Among of the famous products that you can find in Marmaris as well as in all of Turkey, are leather goods, Turkish carpets, jewelry, Turkish coffee, ceramic items, Turkish delight such as Halva, Baklava, Apple tea, Lokum, Pines honey, Spices and more.

In Marmaris area there are all kind of goods and products, from the local producing, as well as International brand names. Is recommended to tour the main Marmaris streets, also the side roads, since there are many other shops and stores that offer there products to the locals, and you probably find a better deal comparing to the Tourist shops.

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Turkey Leather jacket
Is recommended to check well the quality of the Leather, since there are very good “genuine fake" Leather jacket in the local shops.

Turkish Carpets Kilims
The Turkish carpets are not only part of the Turkish tradition, but also a way of life. There are many weaving style, you can differentiate between them, according to several main characteristics:

Color - every weaving area of the carpets is characterized by combination of different colors shades in which use.

Material   - the substance, whereof the colors of the carpets are produced. The substances are made from minerals, by herbs, plants, flowers, fruits and more.

Woven substance - in some cases use the sheep wool, goat wool. Sometimes use the silk etc’.

Examples - there is a typical examples for every area. The examples are usually not only a ornament, but in the many cases use for presentation of story.

In spite of the wide variety of the Turkish carpets types, they are world famous in their high quality and in their long durability’s years. One of the main reasons is that the Turkish are use the double tie (in Persian carpets use the solitary contact). If your planning to buy carpet, it is important to check the freight ways, and if you need to pay taxes.

There are number places in which you able to see how weave carpets are made, for example the Turgut village that situated in the Marmaris area and it possible to visit there as part of villages tour, or by yourself.

Marmaris Jewelry
One of the fields in which the costs are lower then other European countries is jewelry including silver and gold. Since the labor work costs are inexpensive in Turkey, you can find quality jewelry in reasonable and convenient prices.

All the jewelry stores in Marmaris (Turkey) must have governmental certificate licenses. Is recommended to check the karat marks that drowned the gold jewelry.

There is hundreds of jewelry stores in Marmaris and Icmeler. Some of them are located in the bazaar. Is recommended not to buy from first store that you see, but to revolve in number of stores and compare costs. Many jewelry models and designing are sold in the different stores in the different prices..

Sometimes you can find outside the bazaar jewelry store that offer the same models in more attractive prices. Also recommended here to bargain. If you come on holidays in a big group, you probably obtain larger discounts.

Custom made Jewelry is sold in Marmaris in quite attractive prices. And usually the order is performed rapidly during your vacation and according to your requirements.

Marmaris shopping center

Shopping centers and malls
The Shopping centers and malls in Marmaris are in the international high level and efficiently well planned, in order to answer on the needs of many tourists from the entire world, that visit the city. These Shopping centers are characterized with wide range of products, polite Service, and high efficiency.

It is recommended to compare prices among other shops and malls in Marmaris, since occasionally there are different discounts in the same time on the same products in others malls.

Tansash - TANSAŞ center – Marmaris branch

Tansash- TANSAŞ is in fact activated as the main mall in Marmaris. And is part from one of the largest chine stores in Turkey.

Tansash - TANSAŞ is situated in the main street attached to the main Dolmosh station, and only few minutes’ from boardwalk, bazaar, and from Marmaris marina.

The food floor is characterized with wide range of high quality local and international food merchandise. In the second floor you can find household products, clothing and footwear, electronics, and cosmetics from Turkey and from international brands.

Tansash - TANSAŞ provides also wide staircase lift that used for taking the shopping cart to the second floor. Also as part of the service, Tansash - TANSAŞ provides for families with children a special shopping car to use it in the shop.

Opening hour in the season from morning until midnight.

Migros Marmaris Turkey

Migros net
Migros net is a Swiss international supermarkets chain. The place is situated further the main street towards to Icmeler. The complex has large parking cars yard, and also additional stores as well as fast food restaurant. The products rang are similar to Tansash. The store reclines over one floor.

Also, there is a new  Migros branch in Netsel Marina, that already opened in the middle of July.

Opening hour in the season from morning until midnight.

Gima Mall - Point center
Gima center is located near to Anemon hotel main street. The Gima complex including foods and books stores, household products, clothing and footwear as well as cosmetics.

In the ground floor you can enter to Gima main shops, in this floor there is household, couture and cosmetics. The lower floor is larger and includes varied large of products of high quality food. Also there is big wines and oils section. The store is very spacious, and the service is courteous.

Karacan center
New Shopping center across the Gima - Point center, this shopping center is stand on the place that the old Karacan hotel was. In Karacan center you can find shops such as: Changes, Watches, New age store, Turkish carpets, Indian restaurant, cloths, garment accessories, barber's shop
, and will be more in the near futere.

Opening hour in the season from morning until midnight.

MGM center - (not the films company).
MGM is a small shopping center situated on the main street, and includes fast food restaurants, household products, clothing and footwear as well as cosmetics, and limited selection of food products.

Netsel Marina shopping center
Netsel Marina also
called by the local Beverly Hills. The place is situated in the end of the boardwalk. You crossing the bridge and arrive at the luxury centralize stores of Netsel Marina. In this small center you can find international "real originals" brand names, in the compatible costs, as well as cafes and restaurants.

Marmaris Bazaar
Visit in the main Marmaris bazaar is highly recommended. The bazaar is roof covering, and is extends through many streets, and is orientate easy. The bazaar has wide verity of products, such jewelry, originality handiworks, ceramics works, the best of Turkish foods, Turkish delight such as Halva, Baklava, Apple tea, Locum, Pines honey, Spices and more.

Also, there are many shops of footwear and couture, as well as leather goods. Local tailors makes repairs, and or a high quality hand made suits and shoes.

Among many shops you can find verity of “genuine fake” of international fashion brand names, as well as perfumes, and cheap watches. Most of the fake clothing is in a good quality. Is recommended to Bargaining and haggle with the local dealers.

Marmaris itinerant market
Marmaris Thursday – Icmeler Friday
The market is now located in a building, and not in outdoor likes before.

Marmaris itinerant market is popular market whereto the village’s locals arrived to sale their goods in Marmaris area, as well as for the tourists.

This market his a continuation of old tradition, before period of shopping centers. This is flamboyant varied market. You can find here fresh vegetables; organic vegetables and fruits, clothes and shoes, working tool and nails, kitchenware and cutlery, pastry things, and noodles types, flavorings and fresh seasoning herbs. You will be able to even find disks of music and the computer games. In short, mob of things and products. The market prices are lower compared to Marmaris center shops, and as well as other places, bargaining are expected.

There is smaller market for the locals in Marmaris area that offers usually vegetables and fruits, meat, and other grocery products.

Marmaris Shopping info
To the bargain hunter in Marmaris, is recommended to search and compare properly before you buy something in the first shop that you visit. There are many stores and shops that offers the same goods, but with different qualities and prices.

It is Important to remember, the local dealers are not stupid and is recommended not to appertain them as such. In most cases you can find the same products in the stores out of the bazaar or in the main streets of Marmaris. In spite of this, you can find in Marmaris area many stores that offer “genuine fake" of international fashions, perfumes, and cheap watches from the Fareast, as well as others. Brand names such as:

Lacoste, Kelvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, etc. Yes in many cases you can bargain on the cost. Discounts of 30% from the start price are not unusual. But do not expect from the stores salesmen to drop the price to the floor, after all the have to earn something as well.


Since the days in the tourism season are very hot, it’s highly recommended to take with you Mineral water bottles.

During yours shopping tours in Marmaris and Icmeler, is advisable to keep safe your stuff, documents (passport) wallets etc’ inside hidden or closed pockets. Or deposit your stuff in the hotel safe.

Among the main markets, bazaar, and other crowded places, there are pickpockets and crooks that usually come from out town and from foreign states, and exploit maze of the crowd in the markets.

In case of expansive goods, it’s recommended to get a local Turkish friend, or a local tourist guide that can help to by things. As well as to find you the reputable shops and perhaps get you A better deal, and in a large groups even an extra discounts.

In the city you can find small shops that sell Turkish carpets kilims, little handiworks, and specialize antiquities stores.

You have to be very careful and aware of antiques as regards the Turkish fussy law.

The Turkish law forbids to exported antiquities that have importance historical cultured over 100 years. Smuggle are punished in the hardware. The regulation is also for ancient carpets and kilims. It is most likely that you will find yourself, with a good fake of something.

The Turkish antiquities laws are valid to every piece of detritus or even every piece of stone. So be very careful and aware, don't pick up anything off the ground at archaeological and historical sites.

Tax free regulation
If you decided to buy something in Marmaris, and you wish to get your tax refund, try to purchase when you will see the Global Refund tax free sign. Then just ask to get your tax-free invoice\ receipt.

There is Customs Office and tax free refund in most of the major airports and ports of Turkey; at time you leave the country, you can ask back the tax you pay on your purchases and receive immediate cash refund. Just simply show your purchases, invoices and passport to customs officials and have your Global Refund invoice/cheque  stamped.

Global Refund Turkey office:
Tel: + 90 212 232 11 21
Fax. +90 212 241 77 28

Global Refund
Web site:

Main Turkey Cash Refund Offices:

Dalaman airport - Isbank open every day - 24 hours
Bodrum - Milas Airport - Isbank open every day - 24 hours
Kusadasi - Port - Isbank open Monday - Friday - 09:00 - 12:00; 13:30 - 17:00
Ankara - Esenboga Airport - Isbank open every day - 24 hours
Istanbul - Ataturk Airport - Isbank open every day - 24 hours


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